Customer Viewing Gallery
Terra's Tiny Tiny Black
Catherine -
Bone Beads Small     
appx  15-16mm x 7-8mm
about size of dime

Bone Beads Medium    
appx 18-19mm x 9-10mm
about size of nickel
Bone Beads Large    
appx 25-26mm x 9mm
about the size of a quarter
Bone Beads Group
showing small, medium
and large

Shades of dark grass
green 024.  The darker
green is the latest batch.
The first two beads which
were taken quite a while
back are a previous
batch.  Both are labeled
dark green.
The first picture shows -
11, 13 and 15mm beads

The second picture shows
10 and 12mm beads
Susan -
#1 Left  Focal
#2 Right Focal
#3 Left Focal 29x20x8mm
#4 Right  Focal
Micheline Your Blueberry
Dark ivory and copper
encased lampwork beads
Light turquoise copper
mesh encased lampwork
11 x 8mm
Light turquoise nugget
with encased copper wire
and formed into a nugget
bead about
Med red dark copper
wrapped  nuggets - shiny
and etched about 10x7mm
Dark ivory copper
wrapped lampwork beads
10.5 x 8mm
Black copper wrapped
lampwork beads
11 x 7mm
Dark dark turquoise
copper wrapped
lampwork beads
11 x 8mm
Copper green copper
wrapped lampwork beads
11 x 8mm
Violet Purple copper
encased lampwork beads
13 x 9mm
Julie -

These are a grouping of
the Southwestern style
beads you requested. I
made a bunch of the
smaller ones and only 6 of
the bigger round beads.  
Also, I made a focal bead
if you are interested.
This is the focal with more
gunmetal and closest to
the round beads.  It is the
middle bead below on
row three.
The whole set!
The set of beads in the rows below are all the same group of beads.  Some are taken inside with Day Light Bulbs and flash.  Some are taken outside in
natural light in the shade of my Cypress tree.  You can get an idea of the color shift from indoors to outdoors.  It reminds me of indoor/outdoor sunglasses.
Natural Outdoor Light

Lavendar - dark and light
with multi colors of pale
blue, pale emerald green,
yellow green, pink,
clear, amber topaz, and a
raku under clear dot bead.
Indoor Day Light Bulbs
Natural Outdoor Light
Shows 1.1mm sterling
snake necklace with
smaller hole snail and the
larger 5mm hole bead

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